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Hints re: Ordering Uniforms and other Items

Usual items are kept in stock, or can be order for the next week. There are some special items which are ordered in bulk –such as embroidered uniforms, metal ssanguljang, and warm-up suits –these take longer, and the arrival times are more unpredictable. We order them far in advance, and apologize for any inconvenience due to the delay in delivery. We are so excited when they arrive, we will be sure to let you know. Referral uniforms will be given out in class.

If your child is outgrowing their uniform, don’t wait until the last minute: order it at least a couple of weeks in advance, so there is time to order it, if necessary. Then you can take it home, have your child try it on, and return it for another size if your child’s growth spurt has been more dramatic than you expected.

Hints re: Class Times

Classes usually end on time, with some dependable exceptions. Please allow a little extra time after class ending for special days, such as when your child is getting a new tip. This is done after class so that the instructor can focus on your child. If you cannot stay that day, your child can tell the master and arrange to test in the next class.

If the class is running late, and you can’t find a convenient parking place in front of the school, there is almost always a place behind the school so you can park and come in. If your child is tip testing, you can support them by watching.

Hints re: Belt Testing

If you have to miss the belt test due to a schedule conflict, it is possible to arrange to go to the other school’s test day. Or your child can test the next month. It is better not to miss the test, but if you have to, your child will still be learning and improving. No one has the kicks or moves down perfectly, and it is okay to spend a little more time focusing on smoothing out your moves.

Hints re:Resistance to going to class

Assuming that there is no extra stress going on, kids are up and down about transitions. When they are comfortable doing what they are doing, sometimes they don’t want to get up, change into a uniform, gather up their bag, and go to class –even if they like it when they get there and don’t want to leave. If they are playing on the computer, talking with friends, or otherwise having a good time, they really don’t want to go anywhere else.

Sooo…Here are a few things that have worked for me, with my kid, sometimes… About 5-15 minutes before it is time to go, I ask them to clean their room or take out the trash or do their homework. Pick an activity that they will be happy to end in order to go to class.

If the resistance is more long-term, and they are losing interest, this is a good time to find appropriate martial arts movies and shows to watch. Maybe Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers or Jackie Chan (my favorite: good messages, fun, excellent form).

And, of course, talk to the office and the master –preferably not in front of your child– and ask for support.

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