Tip Testing

There are four tips for color belts.

Blue: Forms

Green: Self Defense

Orange: One-Step Sparring

Red: Overall Review

White belts also have an extra Black tip for first half of the form.


Double Red Belts have four tips:

1:First White for memorizing review of all forms,

2:then go to interim belt test for Orange tip

3:Second White tip for one-step sparring and self-defense,

4:then go to belt test for Blue tip

At this point, they are ready to attend the Black Belt seminars and then Black Belt Test.


Tips are awarded to let a student know the master feels they have learned a specific skill well enough to test for it at that belt level.  Sometimes it takes us longer to be proficient in a new skill, and sometimes we learn it quickly.  Because we learn skills at different rates, tips are not awarded on a set schedule.

If you feel that it is taking too long to earn a new tip, please ask the master what you can do to improve that skill.  Your instructors should be able to tell you what to work on, what they see missing, or even offer a little extra help, at their discretion.  You may also contact the front office, but as they don’t see you on the mat like the instructors do, they may not know about your tip status.

The best thing for parents to do is to watch the child in class on a regular basis.  This encourages the child, and also gives you an opportunity to see their progress.

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