Events and Notices


Please wish our interns a good journey home, after their two-month internship.  We really appreciated the energy they brought, and their hard work and enthusiasm.

We hope to see them again some day!

Bon Voyage!


Ma Choi


Testing August 20, 21

Hi Folks!

Congratulations to those who are testing!

This is testing week, August 20 and 21.  Students who are testing will have earned all their tips, including the final, red tip.  (Red Belts have a little different system.)  When you earn this tip, be sure to pick up your testing forms, which are due at least three class days before the test, so that the Masters and staff have time to review your forms and prepare your belt.

The usual Testing Day is moving up a week as of September, to be generally the second week of the month: Wednesdays in Union City and Thursdays in Fremont.  This helps us avoid rescheduling for the holidays.  There are no regular classes on testing days.

Practice hard, spruce up your uniform, sleep and eat well, and do your best!

Ma Choi

Schedule for testing for your current belt (e.g. stripe yellow belts testing to green come at 5:30):
4:00 pm – 5:00 pm Green to Striped Blue
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm White to Striped Yellow
7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Red to Black and Adults

Saturday, August 2nd

Fremont Festival of the Arts

Please Come by and enjoy the Festival!

This Saturday is the exciting annual Fremont Festival of the Arts.  Every year we have a booth there, and families go and enjoy all the amazing artists, a carnival, and the fun of this popular Bay Area event.  We hope you are able to attend.  Please stop by our booth, say hello, and try your hand at the Wheel of Fortune for some Martial Arts swag.

Because of the Festival, we will have a somewhat modified schedule on Saturday, August 2nd.  Check your email for more detail, and see the calendar on this site.

9-9:40 Adult and Black Belt (as well as Double Red for Union City)

9:40-10:10 is the usual Tiny Tiger class

10:10-10:50 for all White, Yellow, Green belts

10:50-11:30 for Blue and Red belts

Please pick up promptly after last class, as we will be heading straight to the Festival.

See you there!

Ma Choi

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